Last Update: October 19, 2019
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Forex Bonus | No deposit bonus 2019 -

Welcome to, your new number one stop for all of the latest Forex bonuses currently available on the market. Our website deals not only with bonuses that require a deposit to qualify, but also those that work on a no-deposit principle.

Furthermore, you will also find a list of current trading contests with both demo and live accounts being covered providing you with an opportunity to win some cash prizes while also honing your Forex trading techniques.

We only deal with the best Forex brokers out there in the market, so you can rest easy knowing you are in safe hands. With new bonuses and contests being added on a regular basis, you never know what amazing opportunities are going to be presented to you unless you keep on coming back and checking out what’s new.

Forex No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Forex Bonuses means only one thing, they are completely free to you. These bonuses are perfect for those individuals just starting out with their Forex trading career, and with there being no risk on your side of things, you only stand to profit from taking part in these special bonuses. With this, you get to trade in a real-life account, and with you being able to withdraw any profit you make, it really is the chance to earn some free cash!

Forex Live Contest

Forex live contests mean you will enter into a trading competition using real money and your live account to then see if you are able to achieve the highest end balance once the contest draws to a close. However, as this is a live contest on a live account, it does mean that the pressure on you to make the correct decisions will prove to be even higher than ever before. Your strategy needs to be perfect, so this is not the kind of contest for someone new to Forex trading.

Forex Deposit Bonus

With deposit bonuses, what you receive is extra cash into your live account to trade with, and this is the most prominent type of bonus within the Forex market. Also, you may see this being marketed as a welcome bonus even though there are others that are open to any trader making a deposit and not only those new to a platform. You can also find special cashback bonuses with these also requiring an initial deposit to then qualify.

Forex Demo Contest

Forex demo contests are a wonderful way to learn more about how trading works without you putting any of your own money at risk. With an imaginary amount of money placed into a demo account, there will then be real cash prizes available for those individuals that are able to achieve the highest profits as well as those with the most impressive end balance. So, work out how you will trade and what your strategy will be in order to win one of the prizes.

What Exactly is a Forex Bonus?

With a very real possibility of earning a substantial income via Forex trading, being aware of what we mean when we discuss bonuses is also going to prove to be rather important. After all, there will surely be some kind of catch if brokers and platforms are promising you some free cash with you being required to do very little in return?

In the past, people believed that this kind of global trading was for the select few. While that may have previously been the case, the world is a vastly different place now.

What you will find is that a broker or platform may offer a special bonus to either a brand new client or to anybody that is becoming involved in trading via their network. Of course, you then have to check out the range of bonuses available to see which ones you qualify for, but you also need to be aware of various terms and conditions that may come with the bonus.

For us, this is important because sadly there are some brokers out there that include stuff in the small print which means the bonus that you believed you were getting is just not going to materialize. But then, that is where we come in at as we help you avoid those kinds of bonuses while also providing you with all of the information that you need to know to take advantage of the bonuses.

However, as there are different types of bonuses out there, it’s best that you become fully aware of which one applies to you.

Forex No-Deposit Bonus.

This requires no deposit from you and it’s the perfect opportunity for people new to this type of trading as there’s no risk involved. The bonus you receive can vary anywhere from $5 to over $100 and you will often be able to withdraw any profit you make.

Forex Welcome Bonus.

The Forex welcome bonus will be a one-off that you will receive from some brokers after creating your new account with a broker. It cannot apply to people that already have an account.

Forex Deposit Bonus.

Anybody that makes a deposit will qualify for a Forex deposit bonus. This is often calculated using a percentage term and it’s added to your trading account as soon as you have completed the process of depositing cash.

Forex Regular Customer Bonus.

This bonus offers rewards to traders as way of thanking them for their loyalty. You will often find that you need to have stayed with the platform for a certain length of time before you qualify.

Forex Reload Bonus.

The Forex reload bonus is something given only to existing customers. This bonus can be rather impressive, but you will often find that brokers will push for another reload to the account within a short time-frame.

Forex Cashback Bonus.

With the cashback bonus, you receive some money back for every completed trade that you make. This bonus will be added to your account once the actual trade has been successfully completed and even though the amounts may not be high, it’s still a useful bonus to receive.

Forex Loyalty Bonus.

With this version, you receive loyalty points to your account as a way of saying thanks for continuing to use a platform or broker. These points can then be exchanged for cash, improved trading conditions or credit.

Forex VIP Bonus.

This bonus is for the serious trader as it only applies to those individuals that open a VIP account. This is aimed more at the high-rollers and the individual also receives superior bonuses as well.

Getting Those Bonuses.

There’s more to getting these bonuses than simply looking at which one appeals and going for it. Instead, you need to be sure that it fits in with your needs and also that you are using a broker that can be trusted. However, we also offer this advice on what to look out for.

1. Only use reputable brokers.

First, only use the services of reputable brokers. However, we have sought to do this part for you by only including the top Forex brokers here on our website.

2. Check the terms and conditions.

There are times where the bonus sounds good but the terms and conditions mean it’s no longer as good a deal as you thought. Are the terms and conditions fair to you or do they make things impossible?

3. Check the latest bonuses.

Finally, some bonuses have a deadline attached to them. Check the latest versions to see if you still qualify.